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Shipping live animals requires attention to detail for the animals safety and adherence to government and airline policies. D Bar L English Bulldog Ranch takes care of all shipping details so that all you'll need to do is pick them up and take them home!

We offer live animal shipping to every major airport in the U.S. via counter to counter service on respected airlines. Animals are transported in a climate controlled area of the aircraft as well as delivery/pickup locations prior to loading and unloading of your pet.Flights originate from all major International Airports in order to avoid the lengthy layovers commonly associated with flight connections through minor or regional airports.

All shipping crates are clearly marked with 'Live Animal' adhesives as well as feeding instructions as an additional precautionary measure.

We will contact you with the pertinent information regarding flight details and after the estimated time of arrival to ensure your animals safe arrival. Shipping generally costs $116 - $185 per animal. This figure can vary however. We will provide a health certificate as per the airline's request which you will also receive along with your pet.

All animals are insured.
We also have a personal assistant that will fly with the puppy in passenger seating and hand deliver to your nearest major airport. Ask if you are interested.
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